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Yacht Survey Ltd prides itself in its diverse involvement in all things marine related. Robert maintains a plethora of knowledge of all associated rules and regulations and is happy to share important information with all clients.


Here are some of the areas Yacht Survey Ltd can help you :


Risk Assessments

Mitigating the risks involved in commercial operations is at the very core of operating an efficient business; Risk Assessments form the basis of any Safety Management System and Yacht Survey Ltd are available to produce a risk register and generate an efficient management system to best aid the successful and safe growth of any marine related business or operation.


Vessel Suitability

There are many different types of work boats on the water and these are able to be used in many different ways.  A barge, for example, is an ideal platform to launch a spectacular firework display from; important considerations can sometimes be forgotten.  Yacht Survey Ltd is well placed to perform an analysis for the suitability of a particular vessel prior to it being used incorrectly, thus saving exhaustive financial liability issues.


Passenger Safety Briefing

All commercially operated vessels must provide a safety briefing to their passengers.  A yacht specific booklet is an ideal addition to your operation.  We are ideally placed to perform a yacht assessment and then generate your guidance.  We also supply waterproof hand-outs for your passengers to retain, utilising your logo’s and specific equipment which enhances the passenger’s trip.